My Girl Remix

Had another awesome time remixing the new Wyclef Jean track ‘My Girl’ featuring an awesome recording artist Sasha Mari. The sound we came up (Maticulous and I) was a classic R&B form with a touch of body work dembow style to make ya move, check it out! #WhoURollinWid #GetAffiliated Read more →



Everyone loves #Free, so here it is! The only free beat i giveaway this week? This month? This year? Who knows, I have a great list of artist and sometimes i just feel the need to drop a gold nugget for free to them (off the record) ha!. Anyways, click here to see what I’m talking about cause this year, is… Read more →


Sure Ya Right!

Great news! Today the new single by Daze called ‘Sure Ya Right’ has just been release on iTunes! The single had been in the works for some time and now it’s time to for you to hear the final product! Yay! I’ve been excited about this single for quite a while now cause i felt it would be best played in… Read more →


A Lighter and A Blunt

I had the pleasure to work on another project with one of Wisconsin’s finest rappers ‘Maticulous’ and his brand new album which is titled ‘A Lighter and A Blunt’. It’s always good to work with such a talent like Maticulous as his work ethics are second to none! And as always it was quality over quantity. Working on the first track… Read more →


The Future of Music

The replacement of C.D’s was a fast transition to Mp3 format for download, the product rapidly entered the music market and now is the most sort after product on a daily basis, so now the question is, how long will the .Mp3 and .WAV files last? Here’s my idea/theory… “Brain wave transfers with microchip implant streaming similar to the hearing aid implant… Read more →


Mixtape Cover Designs

Mixtape Cover Designs: Good news, I’m opening a new page for Pre-made mixtape covers, something I’ve been thinking about and since the demand is there with clients hounding me to do it I’ll now be working on it. Another good thing, the Mixtape Covers will be within anyones budget for sure! Stay tune for more details. If you have a project underway and in need of… Read more →

Is Your Song Ready by Tony Knucklez cover


I have just completed my first edition eBook titled “Is Your Song Ready?” this amazing book features information every independent recording artist needs to move forward with positive results. As the title states a music artist should always have a complete check list prior to releasing any information on their current project, with this eBook “Is Your Song Ready?” by Tony Knucklez will definitely… Read more →