Urban Songs And Instrumentals

Looking for: Urban Songs and Underscore in a wide variety of genres including Hip Hop, R&B, Latin Urban, Reggaeton, Electronic Dance, and Rap. Vocal and instrumental tracks are both good. Underscore that borrows from Urban ideals is also good. Beyonce, Ja Rule, Jay-Z, Eminem, Rihanna are some of the artists within the framework of the listing. For more CLICK HERE    Read more →

Sure Ya Right!

Great news! Today the new single by Daze called ‘Sure Ya Right’ has just been release on iTunes! The single had been in the works for some time and now it’s time to for you to hear the final product! Yay! I’ve been excited about this single for quite a while now cause i felt it would be best played in… Read more →

A Lighter and A Blunt

I had the pleasure to work on another project with one of Wisconsin’s finest rappers ‘Maticulous’ and his brand new album which is titled ‘A Lighter and A Blunt’. It’s always good to work with such a talent like Maticulous as his work ethics are second to none! And as always it was quality over quantity. Working on the first track… Read more →

The Future of Music

The replacement of C.D’s was a fast transition to Mp3 format for download, the product rapidly entered the music market and now is the most sort after product on a daily basis, so now the question is, how long will the .Mp3 and .WAV files last? Here’s my idea/theory… “Brain wave transfers with microchip implant streaming similar to the hearing aid implant… Read more →